There has been an increase in coyote activity in the area between Bridge Water Lakes, and Whyte Ridge. The coyotes have shown aggressive behaviour towards people, especially those walking dogs. Most of these instances have been happening on the pathway behind the Kenaston overpass. Provincial Wildlife Officers have been alerted to this situation, and are actively trying to find the den. There have been temporary warning signs put in place to alert the public to the coyote activity on this pathway. At this time of year when coyotes may have pups nearby, it is best to avoid walking your dogs in this area.

WHAT to do – if you encounter a coyote:

  • Yell or wave your arms!
  • If you have a walking stick, wave it around.
  • Officer suggested if you regularly see coyotes on your walks, that you carry an airhorn and blast it.
  • Ensure you dog is on a leash and keep it close to you. Supposedly coyotes think dogs are encroaching on their habitat and eating their food OR are too close to their den (home).
  • Coyotes don’t ‘chase’ people – they ‘escort’ you and your dog out of their territory – according to conservation officer.
  • It is extremely rare that a coyote attacks a person – dogs attack people far more than coyotes – according to conservation officer.


  • CALL: Winnipeg Wildlife Concerns phone number : 204-945-5221 (main line which is forwarded to Conservations Officer’s cell)
  • WEEKENDS or EVENINGS: Call 1-800-782-0076  – and your call will be relayed to a conservation officer.
  • It is important that the person who has the interaction speaks to the conservation officer to share details.
  • The conservation officer will ask questions about what the coyote looked like (healthy /sickly) and other pertinent questions to help them understand the exact situation.